German-made, predominantly from high-grade stainless steel for hygiene and strength, the AGVs from RA & EK Automation have a Super-flat profile to achieve a very low, sleek vehicle that’s ideally suited to many hospital duties. With its integrated lifting gear, the vehicles deliver hospital trolleys, containers and the like – up to 500 kg. 

The tried & tested design of the AGV is easy to maintain and delivers risk-free automated transport and handling of : 

  • Meals (including heated/cooled food carts) from Kitchen to Wards and return of empty trays to kitchen. 
  • Waste from Wards & other locations to the recycling and rubbish collection areas. Plus delivery of empty bins in return. 
  • Linen from Laundry to Wards plus return of soiled linen. 
  • Central Sterile Services Dept (CSSD) supplies to and from Theatres. 
  • Drugs & other supplies between Wards, Theatres, Pharmacy, Laboratories etc. 
Aditionally, control-interfacing allows AGV's to: 
  • Activate and navigate through automatic doors (shared with pedestrians) 
  • Signal and navigate lifts (shared or dedicated use) 
  • Deliver trolleys/carts for cleaning and activate cart-washing systems 
  • Activate rubbish compactors

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Technical Data (customisable)

Length of chassis (mm) : 1,700
Height of chassis (mm) : 340
Total width of chassis (mm) : 620
Total payload (kg) : 500
Max. forward/reverse speed (m/sec) 2.0

Application in Action :