Automated Forklifts that Retain Full Manual Control!

Get the BEST of BOTH worlds. Enjoy the efficiency of a driverless, fully automatic pallet-handling forklift working 24/7 at your site, while retaining the flexibility for manual operation whenever ad-hoc handling tasks are required.

  • Cost Effective. Mass-produced standard vehicles keep the costs much lower than specialty-model guided vehicles. Better availability & price of spare parts too!
  • Flexible. Automatic or manual tasks? You choose and swap as you need!
  • Reliable. Based on the same robust, industry-proven manual forklifts from Linde - harnessing over 100 years of German precision & vehicle development.Safe: Non-contact obstacle detection with safety laser scanners.

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Technical Data (customisable)

Model: P30
Max. tow-load (kg) : 3,000 (optional 5,000 -P50)
Height of chasis+mast (mm) : 1,700
Length of chassis (mm) : 1,500
Width of chassis (mm) : 790
Max. speed (m/sec) : 1.5
Positioning Tolerance (mm) : +/- 10

Application in Action :