Robotic Palletising of Rice

The healthy staple grains at the core of Australia's diet continue to be produced locally, sustaining Australia's food security as well as export markets.

To stay successful, our client regularly reviews their processes and partnered with RA to achieve new levels of productivity & efficiency at their regional site.

At right: RA's design for this pneumatically-powered tine-gripper features extendable suction cups for slip-sheet positioning between layers.

Equipment in Focus :

ROBOPAC Helix 4 Motoman MPL500

Motoman 's mighty MPL500 palletising robot (500kg payload, at left & above) effortlessly handles multiple 40kg bags per cycle.

The solution also features four MH165 robots (165kg payload) on smaller lines.

Additionally (at right), the fully-automatic, in-line Helix 4 pallet stretch wrapper from ROBOPAC is used to package the loads at up to 85 pallets an hour.