11/12/2015 - Project News

Robotic Sanding - for quick & quality paint-finishes.

Robotic Sanding

Preparatory work plays a decisive role in obtaining optimum painting results. While industrial painting processes have regularly been automated, with high efficiency and quality results, the upstream sanding processes are still dominated by manual work which is subject to the variable skill, concentration and daily fitness of staff.

The centrepiece of this system is a Yaskawa Motoman six axis robot, the MH50 . With its reach of more than two metres it is capable of a broad range of work, while maintaining a high degree of precision (±0.07 mm) and extremely good path-behaviour which is critical for sanding processes.

An active-contact flange is attached to the wrist of the robot along with commercially available pneumatic or electric sanding tools. The flange precisely regulates the prescribed contact pressure in all positions via its sensor system. An automatic station for abrasive changeover rounds out the system. The robot moves to this station, then clamps the grinding disc and exchanges old for new paper – taking no more than 15 seconds. The station's dispenser holds enough abrasive material to ensure autonomous operation over many hours.

The system has already proven itself in the automotive industry, including the sanding of complete bodyworks as well as smaller components such as spoilers, but there is a broad range of manufacturing industries where this system can be applied. The system has achieved time savings of 30-45% but it is the quality assurance that impresses most in low-tolerance manufacturing such as automotive, aerospace, yacht building and furniture, as one user claims: “With robot grinding we achieve not only a noticeable improvement in surface quality, we also attain one hundred percent reproducible results and the reliable maintenance of cycles in serial production is one hundred percent guaranteed.”

27/11/2015 - Product News

MotoSim Touch

Industrial robotics simulation for students.

MotoSim Touch is a new PC-based offline programming environment and robotics simulation tool designed for schools, training organizations and educational research institutions. It provides a "real world" virtual robotics experience and teaches industry-recognized career-ready robotics skills. Using MotoSim Touch, students can toggle between a virtual pendant and a hardware pendant, while learning to program and model industrial robots in a safe, virtual environment.

27/11/2015 - Product News

Motoman MH600

New 600kg payload robot!

The versatile Motoman MH600 robot is designed to provide superior performance in machine and press tending, and other heavy-payload applications. The model features up to 70% less power consumption during motion and 25% savings during idle periods compared to previous models!

This model is also available in a lighter mass/payload twin, the MH400II .

10/11/2015 - Project News

New RA hospital receives its new RA-GV fleet

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital has now received its fleet of 25 Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV's). Robotic Automation P/L (RA) has engineers on site working to commission the solution as the hospital infrastructure finalises.

This new photographic fly-over (below) shows the hospital looking outwardly near completion and very impressive too.

Hospital AGV The hospital made news earlier this year, being listed by one architectural body as the 3rd most expensive building in the world. RA's fleet of AGV's will quickly begin to counter that, providing a return that surpasses their investment in a surprisingly short term. The fleet will make automatic supply deliveries and waste pick-ups across this great structure, maximising efficiency and productivity, while allowing staff to concentrate on patient-care.

09/11/2015 - Project News

Aussie farmers struggle but Aussie pharma's booming - via automation

Pharmaceutical Packaging and de-packaging

Another leading Pharmaceutical client is also partnering with RA to design, build and supply a further five, high-speed, packaging-automation cells (similar to last story below). PLUS: two cells at the other end of the production line (shown here) for unpacking & decanting ingredients, recycling, and also de-palletising & feeding empty bottles to the line. All of this based around a team of 13 hard-working robots from Motoman-Yaskawa.

The Decanting & Recycling cell (left cell shown) performs:

  • Box-picking from full pallets of ingredient by an MH80 robot (80kg payload) which first checks the orientation of the box lid/seam before picking and inverting the box over a cutting tool.
  • With the tape cut, the robot empties the contents to the in-feed line, before passing the now empty box to an an MH24 robot for recycling.
  • The MH24 cuts open the other end of the box before flattening and stacking it onto an empty pallet which the MH80 has lifted into place in the meantime.

The Bottling Line-Feed cell (right cell shown) performs:

  • Picking empty bottles, a row at a time by the MH50 robot with its long, pneumatically-driven gripper (designed by RA) from each layer of a pallet load over to the filling line. By synching its motion and speed with the in-feed conveyor, the robot transfers each row to the line as it continues to run.
  • A sensor on the gripper also detects any damaged or smashed bottles and alerts staff.
  • The robot also removes the slip-sheets between each layer of bottles and stacks them separately for recycling.

01/11/2015 - Project News

Compact, High-Speed, Robotic Packaging Cells

One of Australia's most trusted names in Pharmaceuticals chose to partner with RA to design, build and supply two new, high-speed, packaging-automation lines.

Each compact packaging cell (as shown here during factory-testing) performs:

  • Product accumulation & pack-grouping of 10 different products and about 20 different pack-configurations
  • Film application and heat-shrink tunnel process packaging
  • Robotic tending of heat-shrink packs to labelling machine & tray-packing using high-speed MYS850L 4-axis, SCARA-design robot from Motoman Yaskawa
  • Robotic Case-erecting, Packing, Sealing, Case-Labelling (not shown) and palletising - all using the one versatile, 6-axis-design HP20D robot from Motoman Yaskawa.

1/10/2015 - Project News

Most Intelligent Kit Assembly Since TV's Knight-Rider!

Even David Hasselhoff's car, "KITT", didn't have moves this smart or fast. A leading global company has partnered with RA to boost the speed, productivity and safety in rolling-out promotional kits to their retail FMCG clients.

Challenge : Staff were required to quickly assemble & pack kits of promo flyers/posters to appear in many retail stores to meet fast & competitive discount-cycles. Each kit could contain 20 or so adverts in varied sizes & quantities for each store's displays. Staff would need to pick, collect & pack these in extremely repetitive & mundane work while sustaining close attention to ensure exact contents for successful in-store promotion. The risks of repetitive-strain injuries, slippery thin gloss papers and inattention combined to cause production stoppages, incomplete kits and damaged materials through mishandling.

Solution : Working closely with the company, RA designed a compact cell built around the high-speed MPP3 picking robot from Motoman Yaskawa, capable of 2.5 cycles every second! The cell features many bays with adjustable dividers to contain all the promo materials in their ever-changing sizes, as well as safety fencing & interlocks to ensure staff safety. The 3kg payload MPP3 is fitted with a pneumatic gripper designed by RA, and is programmed via the compact FS100 Controller with its easy-to-use teaching pendant.

Speed and productivity have been substantially increased while staff are now able to be re-deployed in safer and more-engaging work.

1/08/2015 - Project News

High-speed, Splinter-Free, Robotic Carpentry to Order!

RA have created this multi-function, robotic assembly solution for a leading Australian custom pallet and packaging manufacturer.

"Modern technology allows us to maximise the efficiency of the labour force by taking out any of the mundane tasks, manual handling and risk factors," said the Managing Director.

"Production has tripled and product accuracy improved", he added. "It’s made us more competitive and we’re aiming to be competitive on all bases. We’re providing a lot more export opportunities for our customers, so that’s growing the market which grows our market which retains employment."

01/07/2015 - Product News

DIMAC & PRASMATIC now exclusively represented by RA.

Robotic Automation P/L (RA) has officially announced its recent appointment by AETNAgroup (Italy) as the exclusive representative for their leading food & beverage packaging equipment brands, DIMAC & PRASMATIC , across the Australia & New Zealand region. The in-line systems from these AETNAgroup subsidiaries provide shrink-film packaging, multi-packing and wrap-around cartoning of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other such high-speed production goods.

DIMAC and Prasmatic systems from RA

We are pleased to broaden our successful relationship with RA, a relationship which began in the late 1980’s and continues to build” - Enrico Aureli, Managing Director, AETNAgroup.

The new brands join AETNAgroup’s ROBOPAC and ROBOPAC SISTEMI brands, represented by RA, which are another kind of packaging leader – in high-speed stretch-wrapping of pallet loads and also orbital-wrapping of long extrusions, panels and similar. awkward, unpalletised loads.

Click the "Packaging" button at top of this page to explore the range of models and specifications.

01/06/2015 - Product News

New Six-Axis Robot with patented double-yoke design.

Motoman MH24 robot

Yaskawa have launched the Motoman MH24 General Purpose Robot. Designed with sleek curves and Through-arm Cable Routing, the MH24 achieves high performance and versatility in work-piece access, extended cable-life, increased strength, large working-envelope and many, many possible applications.

The robot boasts 1,730 mm horizontal reach and 24 kg payload. Yaskawa have achieved higher moment and inertia ratings over previous models in this “payload class” enabling it to carry larger and heavier payloads. Using Sigma-5 motors and ARM (Advanced Robot Motion), the MH24 is the fastest robot in this class.

Click the image to see full specifications and supporting files.

10/05/2015 - Event News

SMART Supply Chain & Logistics Conference

Come & See us at SMART Supply Chain & Logistics on May 26th & 27th 2015, Co-located with National Manufacturing Week (NMW) at the Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre.

The SMART Conference features its own exhibition hall where you can meet us along with our stand-partner, Linde Materials Handling . Click the image for more info & registration.

06/04/2015 - Event News

RA stand at Auspack

Thanks to all those who visited our stand at AUSPACK in March.

Our sales team are busy responding to you all but if you have any questions or follow-up in the meantime, please feel free to contact us.

19/01/2015 - Event News


Come & See us at AUSPACK 2015 on March 24th to 27th at the Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre. At stand #147 we will have Robotic & Packaging equipment in LIVE demonstration. Click the image for more info & registration.

Motoman MH24 robot

11/01/2015 - Product News

Motoman has just launched the MH12 robot to provide superior performance in Assembly, Dispensing, material Handling, Machine Tending and packaging applications.

Click the image to see full specifications and supporting files.