The Combi series is the most flexible PRASMATIC end-of-line solution; allowing the production of wraparound carton packs, full-height trays, bundles with pad and shrink-wrap and bundles with tray and shrink-wrap.

The TCS series is the PRASMATIC range of packaging machines mainly intended for the dairy and beverage industries, where the need for outstanding reliability combines with the demand for a wide variety of pack types and compliance with high quality and hygiene standards.. 

As well as considerable electronic upgrades, the model’s most important innovation compared to conventional wraparound machines is the large in-line carton store, in which the cartons are loaded vertically. This solution greatly simplifies fill-up operations, as well as allowing a very high storage capacity in relation to the speed of use. 

The supporting structure has been laser-cut throughout and features large sliding panels that allow a total view of the moving mechanical parts.

Features include:

  • Touch screen control panel
  • Large and easily accessible in-line or lateral blanks magazine
  • Extremely compact dimensions
  • Brushless servomotor drives
  • Fewer and simplified maintenance operations
  • Low noise level
  • Modular construction, easy accessibility and complete visibility of the production cycle

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Technical Data

Model: TCS Combi 310
Packs Per Minute : up to 35
Film reel max. diameter (mm) : 500
Film reel max. width (mm) : 560
Film thickness (microns) : from 40 up to 80
Blanks magazine capacity : up to 450 (thickness depending)
Max blank length : up to 1,020 mm (depending on speed & model)
Max blank width : 700 mm
Average size changeover time : from 10 - 15 min