The MPK50 is a high-speed 4-axis robot that provides superior performance and reliability for packaging, palletizing and other material handling applications. The MPK50 robot offers a large work envelope with full 360-degree rotation.

Its hollow-arm provides internal path ready for fieldbus cable, and its slim design allows the robot to reach into confined spaces, improving system productivity. The MPK50 offers best-in-class motion, axis speed, acceleration and wrist ratings.

Key benefits :

  • Large, 360 degree work envelope with minimum interference radius
  • Hollow-arm provides internal path ready for fieldbus cable
  • Heaviest payload in its class with highest axis speeds, wrist ratings
  • IP54 arm with IP67 wrist. IP65-rated body optional

Technical data

Max. Payload 50 kg
Degree of freedom 4 axes
Reach 1,893 mm
Repetitive accuracy ±0.5 mm
Weight 670 kg