The Genesis Cube  pallet stretch wrapping machines operate without sliding electrical contacts and features an exclusive system that powers the pre-stretching film rollers using batteries which are charged during machine pauses at pallet infeed and outfeed. This innovative solution, in addition to eliminating all the typical problems of sliding contacts, also significantly reduces the overall machine weight and correctly balances the rotating masses. The result is low energy consumption, reduced maintenance, high reliability and long working life.

At 80 revolutions per minute, this is possibly the worlds fastest pallet stretch-wrapper.

Features and options include:

  • POWERED PRE-STRETCH - Fitted with BPSF film carriage to pre-stretch film up to 300%.
  • CLAMP AND CUT - Pneumatically driven clamp unit with hot wire film cut that also includes a film tail welding device as standard
  • TOP SHEET COVER - internally integrated device (optional) to cover the pallet with polyethylene film. Film is dispensed and deposited with minimal reduction to the machine's production capacity.
  • "ROPING" DEVICE - Reduces the film strip into a "rope" to ensure more efficient load stabilisation. Film is gathered from above or below in the single-movement version while it is grouped at the centre in the dual-cylinder version.
  • AUTOMATIC FILM REEL CHANGE (optional) - uses two film-loading carriages (ARC2) within the machine’s safety guarding area. Once a film reel is finished on the pre-stretch carriage, it automatically expels the core and fits a new reel. The reel change carriage is then reloaded by an operator while the machine continues wrapping - greatly extending the duty cycle of the machine between operator interventions.
  • BPVS PRE-STRETCH - Optional carriage choice with dual motors to pre-stretch film up to 500% and apply Robopac's patented new CUBE Technology that allows variable, multi-level control of film deposit across each wrapping cycle.
  • AUTOMATIC VERTICAL CORNER APPLICATOR - Four cardboard corner storage units combined with four pick and place systems (optional).
  • TOP PRESSURE PLATEN -  Optionally available for use with Top-Sheet Function and for those more unstable product loads
  • PALLET-LIFTER - Located optionally in the centre of the conveyor to enable wrapping down to the very bottom of the pallet

Technical Data:

Machine : Genesis Cube
Min-Max pallet dimensions (mm) : 800x1200- 1200x1300
Min-Max pallet height(mm) : 500-2000
Output Capactity (pallets/hour) : up to 100