Helix 1 is the entry-level model in the fully-automatic rotating-arm design range, benefiting from many previous generations of design-developments garnered over 25 years of leadership in stretch wrapping, while adding innovative features and options to meet today's needs.

Rotating-arm technology allows film deposit and load stabilization to occur on a fixed pallet position, hence minimising the risk of movement to unstable loads. The Helix series of machines are also available with Robopac's new CUBE Technology that allows variable, multi-level control of film deposit across each wrapping cycle.

Key features and options include :

  • POWERED PRE-STRETCH - Your choice of film carriage (PGSM or PGSA) with powered pre-stretch up to 400% for maximum film-use efficiency.
  • CLAMP AND CUT - Scissor clamp with hot wire film cut (Optional alternatives including film-tail welding also available).
  • TOP PRESSURE DEVICE (option) - Device used with top cover systems (Top Inside/Outside) or for especially unstable loads. Available in the pneumatic drive version or mechanical drive version with pantograph system.
  • LIFTING DEVICE (option) - Center machine lifting device pneumatically operated, fitted at the center of the conveyor of the automatic
    machine. This device allows the complete wrap of the wooden pallet, optimising consumption and perfectly centring the top sheet on the pallet.
  • ROPING DEVICE (option) - System that reduces the film strip into a “rope” to add effective stabilization of the load.
  • TOP SHEET COVER (option) - device to cover the pallet. Film is automatically fed and cut during the wrapping cycle so that machine stop time is minimised. Production capacity remains practically unaltered. Independent support structure can also be easily retrofitted on existing wrapping lines.
  • AUTOMATIC VERTICAL CORNER APPLICATOR VCA4 (optional) - Four storage units with suction cups managed by a control system (ROBOPAC patended) that reach automatically the corners of the pallet, pushing the cardboard corner on before the wrapping starts.
  • FILM INSERTION DEVICE (optional) - Provides final finish of the wrapping (without using a welder/sealer) by tucking the last of the film end inside the previous wrapping layers in itself.

Technical Data

Machine: Helix 1
Min-Max pallet dimensions (mm): 600x800 - 1220x1220
Max pallet height (mm): 2000
Output capacity (approx): up to 65 pallets/hour
Standard pre-stretch carriage: PGSM