The Rotoplat 3000 (and Heavy Duty/performance model 3000HD) series machines are based on the traditional turntable design but with a driven roller surface to wrap and stabilize loads on pallets with stretch film for automatic packaging at the end of the production line.

Key features and options include :

  • POWERED PRE-STRETCH - Your choice of film carriage (PGS or PVS) with powered pre-stretch up to 400% for maximum film-use efficiency.
  • CLAMP AND CUT - Oscillating scissor clamp and cutting unit with built-in welder: high versatility in use with variously-sized pallets and minimum film tail that perfectly adheres to the pallet. (Optional: spring clamp device with pulse hot wire film cut and film tail pallet welding device or welding unit on counter bar to avoid the contact of the welder with the product).
  • CHAIN TABLE (option) - Chain transport surface for pallet loads with bottom slats crosswise to the movement direction.
  • TOP PRESSURE DEVICE (option) - Pneumatically/mechanical driven device for use with especially unstable loads or in combination with top-cover systems (Top Inside).
  • ROPING DEVICE (option) - System that reduces the film strip into a “rope” to add effective stabilization of the load.
  • TOP SHEET COVER (option) - device to cover the pallet. Film is automatically fed and cut during the wrapping cycle so that machine stop time is minimised. Production capacity remains practically unaltered. Independent support structure can also be easily retrofitted on existing wrapping lines.

Technical Data

Machine: ROTOPLAT 3000 ROTOPLAT 3000HD
Min-Max pallet dimensions (mm) 600x800 - 1200x1200 600x800 - 1200x1200
Min-Max pallet height (mm) 670 - 2200 500 - 2000
Max pallet weight 1,500 kg 2,000 kg
Max Table Speed 15 rpm 17 rpm
Output Capacity (approx) 30 pallets/hour 40 pallets/hour
Standard Pres-stretch Carriage PGS PGSM