Robotic Automation P/L is the home of industrial robotics and automation in Australia.

We are a leading supplier of turnkey solutions using core technologies and the exclusive distributor of Motoman Yaskawa Robotics, MAX Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) and dedicated packaging equipment. This includes Case-Packers, Wrap-around Cartoners, Stretch & Shrink Wrappers and Strapping machines. Established in 1988 and with over 3,500 solutions installed across the Australasia region, our unrivalled experience is your best assurance of quality and value.

  • Robotic Automation P/L - Australia's leading supplier of robotic systems, maintaining up to 70% market share in some applications.
  • RA Health P/L - Specialising in hospital and laboratory applications for Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV's) and Robotic systems.
  • RA Service - To keep your production up to speed, offering: Planned Maintenance, Tailored Training Programs, 24 Hour Breakdown Service, as well as full parts and service support.
  • RA Consulting - Pioneering automated solutions across the broad spectrum of manufacturing and logistics. Services include feasibility studies, Pre-order Trials, Project Management, Real Time Simulation, Engineering and Technical Consulting.
  • RA Finance - Offering project financing options including Commercial Hire Purchase, Rental and tax advantages.

Robotic Automation create solutions for all applications of the manufacturing process and beyond into warehousing and despatch. Our turnkey robotic systems can handle multiple products of varying dimensions and from a 3kg to 1,000 kg payload. In palletising, our systems can achieve rates as high as 3,600 products an hour per robot. Motoman Yaskawa have a range of robots specifically designed for high-speed palletising which can be coupled with a wide range of patented gripper technology. These robotic grippers are designed for handling shelf-ready products. Robotic Automation can manufacture, assemble, test, install and commission a turnkey solution, and support with training, warranty & service plans.

AGV’s offer materials delivery solutions to handle a wide range of loads. The standard range include forks, clamp, conveyor-deck, lift-deck and towing vehicles. Plus: vehicles can be custom designed to suit. They can also convert manual forklifts into AGV’s while retaining the ability to swap back to manual mode whenever required. Manufacture of AGV’s is certified to ISO9001.

Robotic Automation’s long history of engineering class leading end-of-line solutions coupled with a strong industry reputation for quality ensures manufacturing improvements across the board.


Robotic Automation automates repetitive tasks and processes at your site to maximise productivity, quality, safety and efficiency while reducing damages and costs. Our services can start with an obligation-free audit of your site’s automation potential.

The RA CAD engineering department can quickly develop an equipment solution in 3D modelling based on your existing floor-plans. This can then translate to a proposal with engineering oversight and options for further simulation.

Now RA designs, engineers, fabricates, assembles, tests, installs and commissions your turn-key solution. There-after, RA supports with training, warranty fulfilment & service plans. RA ’s unrivalled experience provides confidence and, as a single source for both your solution and the on-going responsibility for its performance, RA is your assurance of success.

Robotic applications include:
  • Dispensing, Picking, Assembly, Packing, Handling and Palletising
  • Vision-assisted Testing & Inspection systems, Bio-medical testing
  • Machine tending & Materials Handling
  • Arc Welding (GMAW, MIG, TIG, MAG), Spot Welding, Laser Welding, Plasma Welding
  • Prototype Sculpting, 3D Modelling, Engraving
  • Material Removal: De-burring, Trimming, Polishing, Grinding, Water-Jet Cutting, Laser-cutting, Plasma-cutting
  • Painting, Spraying, Gluing, Sealing, Labelling
  • …or why not approach us with your own production challenge?
AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) applications include:
  • Product delivery and pick-up between areas of the production line, despatch, and warehousing. All types of loads including: Pallets, Reels, Tubs, Bins, Containers
  • Materials delivery and pick-up between all Hospital function areas and patient wards
  • Empty pallet / container replenishing
  • High-bay rack-position warehousing of stock
  • Tending of loads between machines such as palletising stations, pallet wrappers & strappers, waste compactors, container cleaners
  • Loading trucks & containers
Packaging applications include:
  • High Speed Stretch-wrapping, Weighing, Shrink-wrapping and Hood-wrapping of Pallet loads. Many models for in-line/automatic or stand-alone/semi-automatic systems.
  • Strapping and Banding of Pallet loads
  • High Speed lines for Collating/Unitising, Orientating, Shrink-wrapping and/or carton-forming/packing to create multi-packs of bottles, cans and other products
  • Stretch-wrapping of long or bundled products, panels or individual items and cartons
  • Case-erecting, taping, packing & sealing of cartons
  • Robotic label-application



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