AGV Automatic Forklifts, Tending & Handling, Palletising

AGV handling, tending, palletising
Above: One of the AGV’s carries an empty pallet (in one of two sets of forks) while on its way to swap it for a full one at a palletising station (in one efficient trip!).

Combining multiple high-speed Motoman Palletising Robots with a fleet of Dual-fork RA-GV s (Robotic Automation’s Automatic Guided Vehicles) has allowed our overseas client to realise multiplied efficiencies in their End-Of-Line operations, increasing overall productivity while slashing their on-going costs and improving safety!

In this recently commissioned project, the RAGV ‘s tend the robot palletisers with stock of slip-sheets & pallet-caps while taking the full pallets of can-products on to the packaging line and, after strapping & wrapping, to their destination in despatch or storage. RA’s Dual-Fork design halves the number of journeys needed – saving time, power and money.