Robotic Spraying – Ceramic

When Charles Rothause founded Caroma in 1941 he could only have dreamed about the future and what advances it would bring in manufacturing technology. Caroma today is regarded as the undisputed leader in Australian bathroom-ware including basins of all types, pans, cisterns and pedestals.

Caroma’s manufacturing is world class with many automated systems used to achieve its very high quality.

One such system at the Wetherill Park plant was supplied by Robotic Automation and is used to spray the finish glaze onto the various products manufactured.

The Motoman Robots used have six axes and have been adapted for spraying a mixture of silica and alumina that forms the basis of the glaze. The product once sprayed with glaze is then fired at a temperature of 1190 deg.c, which fires the clay base and the glaze at the same time.

“When you see the Robot you could be forgiven for thinking that it is some medieval knight in shining armor when you see it’s beautiful silver coat but in reality its a loyal workhorse able to place a consistent 0.9mm fine coat over the entire clay surface and indeed reach areas that no human could reach.”

—Greg Nicholas, Manufacturing Manager, Caroma

Whilst the coating is not explosive the mixture is abrasive and hence the reason to protect the robot arm and gearboxes from the ingress of damaging liquids.

The unit is one of a number of robotic arms supplied to Caroma over some years and, according to Mr. Nicholas, they perform very well and are supported with parts and service by Robotic Automation.