The latest YASKAWA FS100 controller generation has been specially developed for the Picking, Packing and Palletizing sectors and for all other handling applications. The development goal was “Fast, safe, open, small”.

Real-time processing of sensor signals, reactions to camera information and other high-speed applications are thus made possible. All in all, the FS100 thus exploits its superlative performance capabilities to the full in applications where high flexibility is required.

Another modern feature is the open concept of the controller which enables users to access robot interfaces and motions externally via a PC or PLC and also to develop their own applications.

Interfaces such as MotoSync and MotoPlus allow the controller to function as a slave of the higher-level controller in a line; this means that it is programmed in your customary PLC language.

The streamlined and compact design requires little space for installation, thereby saving valuable production space. The FS100 thus offers particular advantages for line builders.

It can also be combined with the high-performance DX100 controller for welding and multiplerobot applications, without the operator noticing any difference in the teach-in programming.


  • Space-saving compact controller
  • Patented multi-robot control of up to 72 axes or 8 robots
  • High-speed multitasking CPU (IPO cycle < 2ms)
  • Sigma-V servo technology for fast robot movements and high-precision tracking
  • System run-up time <50 sec.
  • Stackable IP20 compliant control housing with indirect cooling
  • "Servo Off" energy saving function for breaks in production
  • Communication via digital/analogue I/Os, Ethernet, Web (FTP, OPC) server options and support for popular fieldbus interfaces
  • FS100 Controller