Robotic Automation understands the logistical needs of your business. Warehouses and are consistenly looking to increase flexibility, improve production and reduce rates in handling, storage and retrieval services. Our Automated Logistic services include AGVs (automated guided vehicles) which are adaptable to almost any environment – whether you are transporting pallets/cartons of frozen, fresh or packaged good through an existing or planned to build facility, Robotic Automation’s AGV and end-of-line robotic solutions can be implemented and edited on the fly. The largest benefit of logistical automation is the saving on labour costs, however we have also seen improvements in the saving of material costs, energy bills, increases in product quality, precision and accuracy.

Our Logistic Automation Solutions can:
• Increase customer service & satisfaction
• Decrease errors
• Decrease product damage
• Increase production (scalability and speed control)
• Provide real time data
• Decrease labour and re-handling costs