Food & Beverage

Food and beverage manufacturers rely on predictable, easily replicated packaging, handling and transportation solutions to ensure the safety, quality and abundance of their products. As food and beverage operators demand ever greater precision and safety from their production operations, Robotic Automation, using Motoman Robotics continue to develop cutting-edge solutions that reduce waste, boost profit and enhance the food supply safety.

Robotic Automation have completed a multitude of projects across Meat, Dairy, Vegetables & Grains, Juices, Waters, Sports / Energy & Carbonated Drinks, Wine & Brewery, Farming & Agriculture, Primary & Secondary Processing, Filling & Packing industries. Some of our solutions include:

• AGV Tending & Handling
• Robotic Palletising
• Robotic De-palletising
• Stretch Wrapping
• Robotic Finishing