Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)


Robotic Automation understands Automated Guided Vehicles and the needs of your business. Warehouses and manufacturers are consistenly looking to increase flexibility, improve production cycles whilst reducing rates in handling, storage and retrieval services. As there are different pallet types and storage requirements for differents products, AGV systems need to be adaptable, changeable and easy to work with ‘on the fly’. Robotic Automation’s range of MAX AGV’s can be customised to suit your business needs with a standalone Windows Management System – a first of it’s kind that allows you (the client) editing control of your embedded AGV System.

Be the Controller Of Your Automated Guided Vehicle System

MAX, a state-of-the-art, dependable AGV transport system that runs on a modern client server Windows® environment, utilising Microsoft® products and is easy to configure and provides
opportunities for future expansion and modifications. It is now possible for clients to perform their own editing of the AGV track and functions.
The MAX AGV WMS allows customers to perform and configure AGV sytsems for future expansion and modifications. The system handles everything from transport, warehousing, load tracking buffering and order swapping, to optimal dynamic route selection, location selection, charge control, priorities and dead lock prevention.

All system configuration tasks are done visually with MAX Editor. It enables the Operator to configure all aspects of the system, from the location and operation of a pickup or storage position to the name of the individual AGVs and stations.MAX AGV system offers the following:

  • On a modern client server Windows® environment, utilising Microsoft® products
  • Easy to configure and learn
  • Real-time application
  • Performs editing of the AGV track and functions
  • Has the embedded WMS, eliminating the need of cumbersome middleware
  • 3D visualisations on screen of the installed system
  • Changes made to the AGV system are replicated to all AGVs in one hit.

Robotic Automation offers training for the new system and a support team is on hand to answers any queries which might arise.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) are a cost efficient materials handling process, whether you are transporting pallets, cartons or other items around your manufacturing facility or warehouse. With the ability to be installed into an existing facility, AGV’s can be installed into an existing environment, or can be implemented and planned into a brand new facility pre-construction.


  • Automated Guided Vehicles are typically used for processes including pallet handling
  • pallet loading. Heavy goods transportation
  • tracking of cartons and products
  • barcode scanning
  • right through to container loading.Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are also known by other names including LGV (Laser-Guided Vehicle)
  • SGV (Self-Guided Vehicle)
  • as well as Guided Carts
  • Mobile Robots
  • Driverless Vehicles or Autonomous Vehicles and similar name variations. All can be the same or different in vehicle body structure
  • but all will have one (sometimes two!) methods of automatic navigation based on these technologies. Benefits of AGVs include:
  • Easy implementation into existing production space.
  • 24/7 reliable operation
  • MAX WMS allows real time product traceability
  • Reduced damage to stock
  • machinery and product
  • Increased manufacturing productivity
  • Reduced WH&S Risk
  • Increased manufacturing flexibility
  • Reduced dependence on manual labour