RA-PAL Compact Palletiser


Robotic Automation’s newest solution, the RA-PAL, has been designed and engineered for tight spaces and ease of integration.

The RA-PAL is a flexible Robotic Palletiser module that provides a cost effective and painless upgrade path to improve the performance of existing manufacturing infrastructure.

Developed by RA to be an economic option for operations where space and budget are limited.

It can be deployed into existing production environments with ease as a single module or as a multiple station set up.

End User Benefits

  • Small compact footprint
  • Easily installed ‘drop-and-go’ system (be up and running in a day)
  • Affordable automated palletising solution
  • Compatible with a wide range of products up to 30kg payloads
  • Grippers are available to suit a wide variety of applications
  • RA-PAL’s solution is scalable to grow with your needs