The SH51 shrink wrapper synchronises three processes including the preparation, hooding and heat shrinking of the tubular film. Merging these processes together helps minimise the downtime of various devices, providing exceptional levels of productivity (up to 140 packages per hour). The system for gripping and handling the tubular film is independent from the heat shrinking system: hence, the heat shrinking phase not interferes with the gripping phase, ensuring maximum reliability in terms of wear resistance of the components and wires. The lower extremity of the hood, driven internally by 4 grippers is tensioned and driven to the bottom of the package to assure a strong grip, simple and efficient, and to take advantage of the tubular film sizes, resulting in material savings. The burners have been designed to provide a constant heat and to guarantee a soft and uniform heat treatment of the hoods, enabling even the use of the thinnest films.

Moreover, the flame is lightened up only when the heat shrinking is required; therefore, it is more energy efficient than traditional ovens. Ergonomics is behind the project. The reel holder, considered standard up to 3 rolls , thanks to the positioning on a movable carriage , allows a fast, easy and safe access from the ground for reel loading. The combustion air distribution system inside the burner ensures optimum combustion without emission of unburnt gases in the environment. In the absence of flame, the automatic detection device interrupts the gas supply.


Suitable Film
Heat shrinkable polyethylene film with a thickness from 80 to 160 microns
Maximum Outside Reel Diameter
1000 mm
Suitable Gas
Propane, methane
Gas Supply Pressure
100 to 350 mbar
Gas Consumption
About 0,15 Nm3 (with propane)
Compressed Air Operaton Pressure
5-7 bar
Compressed Air Consumption
70 Nl/cycle
Power Supply
400 V+N+PE (+/-10%) - 50 Hz
Installed Thermal Power
(Variable according to machine configuration) about 310 kW
Maximum Output
140 packages/hour