Paper towel and tissue manufacturer chose RA

March 6, 2020

Paper towel and tissue manufacturer chose RA to provide an end-to-end solution from integration and design to installation. RA provided a complete Stretch Wrapping and Palletising System including, a Pallet Labeller and Conveyor System for the transport of products and pallets.

The Motoman MH180 robot is fitted with a servo gripper. The MH180 has a width of only 625 mm, thus it saves valuable space on the ground! Pictured here: Chosen for its excellent technical features this Stretch Wrapper was an ideal solution for efficient, fully automated stretch-wrapping of particularly unstable products.

Tissue bundles travel via a product conveyor system and are separated prior to moving to a pick-off station where they are pre-formed ready for the Motoman MH180 robot to pick. The MH180 robot picks up bundles transporting them to palletising stations via 2 lines where a Stretch Wrapper applies film around the bundle simultaneously stabilising the load and on completion, cuts the film.
Receiving the bundle via a chain conveyor system, the labeller then, applies a printed label on the pallet. Completing its cycle the finished pallet via a conveyor system moves into a storage building.

Solution Benefits:

• Increased staff safety
• Reduction in staff injuries & associated costs
• Increased productivity
• Reduced production time lost
• Increased product consistency & presentation
• Increase of more efficient use of stretch film consumables
• Eliminated manual forklift damage to finished product & site infrastructure
• Reduced waste
• Optimised floor-space & layout flexibility