Automated Guided Vehicles

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) provide cost-efficient material handling, whether you are transporting pallets, cartons or other items around your manufacturing facility, logistics centre, warehouse, or healthcare operation.

AGVs are also known as Autonomous Guided Vehicles or Automatic Guided Vehicles, Laser-Guided Vehicles (LGV), Self-Guided Vehicles (SGV) and similar name variations, as well as Guided Carts, Mobile Robots, and Driverless Vehicles.

AGVs come in many types and can be readily customised to suit specific applications. As a leading Australian robotics company and exclusive distributor of MAX AGV in Australia and New Zealand, we can recommend and supply automated forklifts/ automatic forklifts – featuring counterbalance, top lift, and/or tow; and/or automated conveyor belt systems to best support your robotic process automation needs.

You can have confidence that Robotic Automation Service has a local store of AGV spare parts, plus a nationwide team of factory-trained service technicians to provide ongoing, after sales service.

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