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For over 30 years Robotic Automation has been the exclusive distributor for Yaskawa Motoman Robotics in Australia and New Zealand installing over 3500 systems.

YASKAWA is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial robots, with 400,000 robots installed worldwide. In addition to application-based variants such as welding, palletising, painting and handling robots, the broad range of robots includes robots designed for laboratory and clean room applications as well as top quality, turnkey automated welding systems.

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For many years, Robotic Automation has been the exclusive distributor for MAX AGV in Australia and New Zealand

MAX AGV Automated guided vehicles are fully automated and navigate without drivers such as self-driving forklift, carriers, mobile robot, carts and tuggers. The vehicles areas of use are wide and made to improve your warehouse and manufacturing capacity, by the flexible material transport system and cost saving without heavy investments.

MAX AGV designs and manufactures in Sweden and have a first-to-market warehouse management system (WMS), which allows greater flexibility on the production floor and the ability to adapt quickly to change which comes down from supply chain and management. The MAX AGV WMS allows customers to perform and configure systems for future expansion/modifications ‘on the fly’ in real time application.

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