Robotic Assembly & Sealing

Bucking the current trend, a leading vehicle manufacturer has partnered with RA to automate the gluing of windshields, side & roof hatch windows in a robotic solution for one of their Australian manufacturing sites (pre-market).

Robotic Gluing & Assembly
Above: Robo-gluing application around windscreen-edge.

The solution is set to improve consistency and quality in production while reducing human error – saving production time, product defects …and saving glue too! Staff will be redeployed around this repetitive, heated-glue-fumed task area – a win for health & safety conditions.

Equipment in Focus :

Motoman MH80 Materials Handling Robot

The solution features the Motoman MH80 Materials Handling Robot with an 80kg payload and a big 2,061mm reach.
Key benefits –

  • Fast, flexible and reliable.
  • Ideal for a variety of applications, multi-purpose robot.
  • Sleek design that requires minimal installation space.

RA’s custom-designed Gluing Tool Unit (for the robot’s end-of-arm) features twin applicator nozzles for consistent glue-beading required in 2 different sizes. The robot’s three gluing work-stations (one for each window type) are all encapsulated in a space-optimised safety cell featuring light-curtains and interlocks.

Applications in Action :