Robotic De-Palletising – Beverage

Robotic Automation P/L ‘s “Bottle De-palletising & Line-feeding” solution has been featured in a TV news segment about our Queensland client that aired on the 26th of February. In a revolutionary business-model, our client, WetFix “Free is Better” is able to give away their bottled products to consumers while realising enough income from other businesses that pay to advertise on their bottle labels! Obviously this can be more easily done when you reduce the production costs as much as possible …and that’s of course where automated solutions from RA come in.

Motoman MH50 Robot
Above: Motoman MH50 robot

This Dual-Robot De-palletising cell meets the challenge of Picking from unstable pallet-layers of light/loose plastic bottles and then efficiently singulating them to a filling line:

Equipment in Focus :

Two MOTOMAN MH50 (50kg payload) robotic arms are employed along with custom-designed vacuum grippers from RA ‘s award-winning engineering team. The grippers cleverly stabilise the load from all sides while they are simultaneously picking from it.

Application in Action :