High Speed Robotic Pallet Manufacturing System

Major Australian timber and custom pallet manufacturer selected RA to design, manufacture, assemble, test and install a high speed Robotic Wooden Pallet Manufacturing System. The client needed a solution capable of multiple pallet sizes and asked RA to design a system able to assemble and stack in sets of 15, at rates of several hundred pallets per day with minimal labour.

RA’s Pallet Manufacturing solution featured 3 Motoman MH180 ‘Palletising’ robots with 6 axes and a reach of 2.7 metres. The Robots were programmed with ‘infinite pallet flexibility formats’ equipment included; fixed safety guarding, light curtains, conveying, nailing systems, control programming and integration to upstream machinery.

Solution Benefits:

• Increased safety & productivity
• Reduced staff turnover & injuries from likelihood of repetitive strain
• Reduced lost production time
• Reduced damage to product
• Increased product quality, hygiene & consistency
• Increased competitive advantage
• Compact design allows maximum performance using minimal floor space