Robotic Palletising & Stretch-Wrapping – Chemicals

Some more of Australia’s favourite cleaning products are now set to be palletised, packaged and handled by RA ‘s well-proven technologies.

At right: The robot continues palletising after it double-stacks a second wooden pallet with its powerful vacuum gripper!

Partnering with RA provided our client with a clean perspective on their automation potential and this has just been realised in Acceptance-Testing at RA ‘s Sydney Facility. The RA team now transfers this success to the client-site with minimal interruption to production being an integral goal.

The solution handles 30 different products/packs in performing high-speed robotic palletising, then on to ROBOPAC Genesis Cube Pallet Stretch-Wrapping, then a robot to apply and scan barcode labels before, finally, AGVs take the loads away to storage and despatch.

Improve speed, consistency & productivity while reducing product damage and on-going costs – ask RA for a no-obligation audit of your own site’s automation potential.

Equipment in Focus :

The solution features four Motoman MH165 Robots (165kg capacity) with a big 2,651mm reach for great palletising performance.
Motoman‘s popular, all-purpose robot, the HP20D is enlisted to apply and scan barcode labels on each pallet -automatically updating our client’s WMS database.
ROBOPAC’S Genesis Cube is claimed to be the world’s fastest pallet wrapping machine – moving at 80 pallet-revolutions per minute(!) and up to 135 pallets per hour.