Arnott’s DC Official Opening

September 6, 2023

The Arnott’s Group has now officially commissioned its $65 million automated distribution centre. The more efficient automation provides almost four times previous capacity.

The official celebration allowed 50 of Arnott’s top suppliers and representatives of the companies involved to tour the facility.   

Arnott’s Group director of Procurement and Logistics, Tom Vicars, said the site is an “incredible asset”.

Arnott's DC Opening

The Huntingwood DC will be responsible for more than 60 per cent of its national inventory, and is in prime proximity to key retail partners’ distribution hubs.

The 43,000 sqm site is built around robotics and automation, with a logistics solution that incorporates minimal touch point automation and a new palletising system by RA.

Logistics Solution

RA’s palletising robots sort the boxes onto different pallets in sequence, based on orders and layer appropriately, so products don’t get crushed.

Outbound orders are delivered in sequence by AGVs (automatic forklifts), down two elevators to the warehouse floor for wrapping. Pallets are identified, stretch wrapped and barcoded before moving on. Products and orders are now managed and prepared faster, greatly improving delivery times to store.

RA General Manager Brad Stevens
RA General Manager, Brad Stevens, accepts plaque from David Lloyd-Jones, National Logistics Manager, Arnott’s Group

RA is proud to be an integral part of the Intelligent Automation Solution provided to The Arnott’s Group Distribution Centre in Huntingwood.
We look forward to providing the next innovative solution for coming facilities of the future.

Find out more about the palletising solution here.