Mixed Pallet Robotic Gripper

November 2, 2023

What is a Depalletising Robotic Gripper?

A Gripper or Robotic Depalletising Gripper, is a highly advanced automated tool designed to unload products from pallets. Its main purpose is to lift, grasp and organise objects for efficient use. This device is widely utilised across the world of warehouse automation and logistics to improve efficiencies in moving, stacking, organising palletised goods.

What is the best Robotic Gripper for Mixed Palletising?

Conventional mixed palletising solutions cannot pick more than one box at a time, while the MCS-2 gripper with 2 adjustable forks can stack up to two boxes at a time with great accuracy. Such a gripper with its single robot arm can process up to 1200 boxes every hour, depending on the packaging type and size.

The Design

The RoboPick robotic gripper has been developed specifically for automated mixed depalletising and palletising solutions. Paired with a Motoman Yaskawa robot and the latest vision system and software, it is capable of handling many different types of products and packages in a variety of applications.

The RoboPick Series

The RoboPick robotic gripper series is available in a 1 fork or 2 fork version. Both versions enable automatic case picking and mixed palletising in one solution using the same gripper.

The RoboPick series benefits:
– Enables picking and mixed palletising using the same gripper
– Suitable for wide variety of SKUs
– Compatible with smart vision technology for picking
– Available in 1 or 2 fork version
– Less damage to goods
– Increased safety conditions
– Proven ROI

Experts in Automation Solutions

RA offers complete automated solutions for mixed pallets including after sales service and support of your automated system. Our commitment to harnessing the latest robotic technology underscores our dedication to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for the Australian food and beverage industry.