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Preventative Maintenance Contracts Ensure the continuity of your production output.

Over a period of time, all equipment needs some form of maintenance to ensure optimum performance. RA has the expertise and capability to support you in maintaining your equipment.

In any maintenance environment, it makes sense to be proactive about maintaining your equipment and protecting your investment. RA has found that companies that are proactive about a preventive/predictive maintenance program have less chance of an unplanned breakdown resulting in costly downtime.

To ensure our customers are able to keep production running, we offer the following preventive/predictive maintenance program –

  • Manufacturer's recommended lubrication
  • Regular replacement of Backup Lithium Batteries
  • Complete Backup of Robot Programs including CMOS
  • Inspection of operation and Axes Backlash
  • Inspection of attached tooling
  • Provision of Preventive Maintenance Report
  • Other inspections and Data collection as specified in the report

A Preventive Maintenance Report will be issued for each piece of equipment serviced. This report allows for appropriate scheduling of additional repair work as may be required to be carried out prior to the next.

Preventive Maintenance is carried out in a planned manner at mutually agreed times with an element of flexibility to allow for production schedule variations. RDOs and planned shutdowns are ideal times for performing maintenance work.

A Service Contract offers the additional benefits of:
  1. Access to 24 hours Technical Assistance and After Hours Call-Out
  2. Before/After Hours Emergency Telephone Support
  3. Before/After Hours Emergency Dial up/on-line PLC support to existing programs
  4. Telephone Assistance -First 15 minutes free during Business Hours and charges thereafter
Breakdown/Repair Service Work and Emergency Response:
  1. Next Business Day Response (75% of Calls and balance as per mutual agreement).
  2. Response within 6 hours for Emergency Before/After Hours Breakdown Calls.
  3. Discounts will be applied for Breakdown Labour and Travel Charges.
Spare Parts:

RA carries a comprehensive range of Spare Parts in our Central Spare Parts Store at our Melbourne premises. Discounts will be applied on Robot/Wrapper/AGV Spare Parts as and when fitted by an authorized RA Service Technician.