High Speed Robotic Picking


High Speed Robotic Picking Solutions provide flexibility and increased production to your manufacturing lines. Typically in High Speed Robotic Picking applications a Motoman MPP Model designed for order picking is used. This robot is an industry standard in high-speed picking and other handling applications and can feature Integrated with a camera inspection system, a high speed picking robot can offer unrivalled affordability and accuracy performance at speed. Due to the high torque of the fourth axis, known as the wrist axis, the MOTOMAN MPP models are impressive because of their ability to move at unprecedented speeds.

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End User Benefits

  • Increased production efficiency
  • Elimination of Repetitive Strain Injury to workers
  • Flexible robotic solution for multiple product lines
  • Low maintenance solution
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Minimal footprint
  • Fully customised to meet your requirements
  • Increased flexibility
  • with ROI mapped out