Motopal Palletising Gripper

Arnotts 8 Robot Modular Palletiser
MOTOPAL-780 Modular Palletising System x 8
MOTOPAL-780 Modular Palletising System x 4


The Motopal gripper has been designed to compbat the influx of shelf ready cartons.

Shelf ready cartons are one of the hardest products to palletise in most production facilities nowadays & getting harder by the month as the trend moves to even less carton support and shelf ready.

Shelf Ready Cartons vary in size, shape, weight and have wide range of perforations, being tray packed or caped types resulting in minimal product & vertical support that can cause cartons to fail, spilling & damaging contents during the palletising process. High speed palletising of shelf ready cartons using “conventional standard grippers” can fall short of the task required.

Designed and built exclusively by Robotic Automation pl, the proven Motopal Range of Grippers has been created to handle virtually any type of carton including shelf ready cartons on your production line. The Motopal gripper has the ability to pick up multiple cartons every cycle it can achieve a rate of up to 40 cartons / min*.

Matched with the Motoman GP180, the MOTOPAL-780 and MOTOPAL-1120 grippers are a highly efficient fully servo gripper perfect for both end of line and multi robot centralised palletising applications.

End User Benefits

  • A fast, flexible and powerful package with a small footprint
  • Reduction of damage to cartons
  • Pre-programmed for most patterns and carton sizes
  • Simple to edit
  • Low cost palletiser infrastructure
  • Easy to install and simple to maintain
  • Off line programming via “Moto logix” on a PLC of your Choice. All changes made can be instantaneously duplicated across the entire robotic system.
  • Designed for use with Embedded AGV’s