Robotic Milling/Robotic Machining


Milling robots and Machining robots are capable of producing high quality, complex shapes and replicate CNC type production methods to large scale fabrication and sculpting.
Custom End of arm tooling can be designed by Robotic Automation to meet your design and application, catering to any type of removal method including grinding, machining, milling, sanding etc.

Milling robots and Machining robots can process a variety of different materials from alloys, carbon fibre, plastics and foams through to soft and hardwood timber and even concrete and stone.

End User Benefits

  • Lower cost compared to CNC (case dependant)
  • Larger sized objects can be machined compared to traditional methods
  • Increase Flexibility
  • 24/7 reliable operation
  • Increased manufacturing productivity
  • Reduced WH&S Risk
  • Increased manufacturing flexibility
  • Reduced dependence on manual labour