Robotic Palletising


With thirty two years of experience Using Motoman-Yaskawa robotics, coupled with our patented gripper technology – Robotic Palletisers is one of our core business solutions. Robotic Palletising is a cost effective way to see increases in production rates and a decrease in overhead costs. Robotic Automation’s Robotic Palletiser solutions are able to work with single and multiple productions lines simultaneously.

Robotic Palletising addresses fluctuating production requirements, controlling input costs and increasing the quality of packaged products. In times of economic crisis (think Covid19) robotic solutions do not shut down and with the ability to be run 24/7 robots can improve production in times where it is needed most.

A centralised robotic palletising system can be uniquely designed and built to match requirements and can be scaled up in size and production speed for any quantity of inbound or outbound products. Our wide range of grippers ensures cartons and products of varying shapes and sizes from single line to multi-line feed conveyers are palletised efficiently.

End of line palletising systems can provide the flexibility to palletise single or multiple production lines simultaneously. This dual adaption not only decreases costs but also increases workflow or manufacturing capacity.

Additional flexibility and creativity in the creation of a loaded pallet can be deployed with robotic layer-forming palletising.  For example, when stacking different types of products onto the same pallet, heaviest products are placed on the bottom of the pallet and built up from there.  What usually required manual labour can now be done with sensing and scanning technology integrated with Motoman’s industry-leading robots.

Our robotic palletisers are able to handle various sizes, shapes and weights with the flexibility to palletise a range of product types such as boxes, bags, cartons, plastic bottles etc. An End Of Line Robotic Palletiser compliments Robotic Automation’s other automation systems. Both Centralised and End of Line Palletising systems can flow on to other key areas I your manufacturing facility, such as stretch wrapping, product packing, cold storage, freezers and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) for storage and retrieval of product.

Along with providing Robotic systems, Robotic Automation can also service your existing solutions in your manufacturing facility. For more information on robotic servicing click here

End User Benefits

  • Production increases
  • Increased throughput
  • Single or multiple lines simultaneously
  • Reduce in labour costs
  • Production flexbility increases
  • Reduced WH&S Risk
  • Remove the risk of repetitive strain injuries to staff
  • Reduction in damage to cartons and products