Stretch Wrapping


Robotic Automation supply a range of automated pallet stretch wrapping solutions designed for integration with your existing end-of line packaging.

Automated stretch wrapping provide the load securement, security and stability for your palletised products, whilst also savings on consumables and ensuring pallet presentation consistency that only an automated stretch wrapping system can provide. Automation will also minimise potential product damage through the supply chain of distribution to store.

Automated stretch wrappers offer:

  • Greater speed and efficiency.
  • Greater consistency and uniformity in wrapping with guaranteed repeatability.
  • Cost reductions in terms of savings on cost of human resources, as well as film costs. The application of film is more efficient as film is pre-stretched before wrapping.
  • Automatic film roll change options.
  • Increased safety both for your product and for your workforce, through less manual intervention, the incorporation of safety guard features, and the freeing up of access areas for forklift drivers.
  • Increased traceability allowing for full pallet wrapping and SSCC labelling, and integration with your warehouse management system.

We have a large range of machines from semi-automatic vertical stretch wrappers to fully automatic high speed stretch wrappers available in both horizontal and vertical construction, featuring traditional turntable, conveyor rotating arm, and orbital horizontal design.

Turntable stretch wrapping machines, as the name suggests, operate via a turntable that rotates the product load while stretch film is applied. These machines have the benefit of being portable for use, providing flexibility across the factory floor and represent a lower cost option.

Rotating-arm technology enables wrapping of product on a fixed pallet position with a robotic arm rotating around the load, applying stretch film as it rotates. This option minimises risk of load movement.

An orbital horizontal stretch wrapper wraps the load over and under, which is beneficial for some products that are less uniform in shape.

At Robotic Automation, we have been involved in the selection, supply, and installation of single, stand-alone stretch wrappers, through to the design and integration of multi-line stretch wrapping systems.

We can recommend the best automated stretch wrapping solution to fit your current production infrastructure, product type (shape and weight), primary and secondary packaging considerations – including shelf ready packaging, packaging volumes and capacity, and budget.

Having an understanding of your current factory and warehousing infrastructure will enable us to identify issues in your production chain and make recommendations to improve productivity and unlock potential savings.

Explore our range of Stretch Wrappers or Contact Us to find the best solution for your operation.

End User Benefits

  • Load Securement and Protection
  • Reduced Film Costs
  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduces WH&S issues