Hospital AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles)


Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) have been an established materials-handling solution in hospitals since the 1980’s, internationally. A Hospital AGV solution allows the automatic pick-up and delivery of:

  • Meals (including heated/cooled food carts) from Kitchen to Wards and return of empty trays to kitchen.
  • Waste from Wards & other locations to the recycling and rubbish collection areas. Plus delivery of empty bins in return.
  • Linen from Laundry to Wards plus return of soiled linen.
  • Sterile Supplies between CSSD and Surgical Theatres.
  • Drugs & other supplies between Wards, Theatres, Pharmacy, Laboratories etc.

Additionally, control-interfacing allows AGV’s to:

  • Activate and navigate through automatic doors (shared with pedestrians)
  • Signal and navigate lifts (shared or dedicated use)
  • Deliver trolleys/carts for cleaning and activate cart-washing systems
  • Activate rubbish compactors

Hospital AGV’s operate in areas shared with pedestrians or, even more effectively, in dedicated service lifts & pathways. A fleet of such vehicles can provide a hospital with 24-hour shift operation, in poor lighting, yet with increased safety and less material damage, while also reducing costs.

Controlled centrally, the software allows the AGV system in a hospital to redirect and distribute the burden of incoming orders on-the-fly – achieving a coordinated interplay of fleet movement that maximises efficiency while providing instant reporting back through the system to trace performance, stock levels and interface with building management systems.

Standard hospital AGV models are customisable with various navigation, interfacing and load handling technologies to meet the individual needs and environments of each hospital.

RA Health P/L is establishing the use of AGV delivery systems in Australia’s hospitals with several projects in various stages of consultation, design and installation.

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