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March 23, 2023

Australian Manufacturing Week 2023

Australian Manufacturing Week (AMW), is an industry exhibition encompassing all aspects of manufacturing in Australia, brought to you by The Australian Manufacturing Technology Institute Limited (AMTIL) We are looking forward to displayi...

Cobot picking up carton
January 12, 2023

Are you thinking about a Cobot?

Something that we get asked a lot at Robotic Automation is, “Should I be introducing a cobot, or a robot?” Our answer is always the same. It depends. Conventional, or industrial ‘autonomous’ robots provide dependable, consistent ...

Max-AGV (AGV - Automated Guided Vehicles)
January 12, 2023


Our search for the best in AGV manufacturing technology led us to Sweden and MAX-AGV, a world-leader in industrial autonomous guided vehicles or automatic/automated guided vehicles. MAX AGV have been in the business for as long as we hav...

floorspace welding
January 12, 2023

Robot welders that make the most of your floorspace.

Floorspace is at a premium in the modern workshop or factory. Invariably, we are asked to consider this fact when looking to automate any production process. It is no different when we look at solutions for robotic welding. As well as de...

May 3, 2022


Come and Meet your New Workforce! COVID has meant a long time between drinks, and we are excited by the opportunity to meet with many of you at the upcoming AUSPACK event at the Melbourne Convention Centre, 17 – 20 May 2022. We’ll be the...

Modern Manufacturing Initiative
December 21, 2021

Seize the Opportunity! MMI Grant – Round 2 Funding

A New Year brings new opportunities, and the Federal Government’s next round of Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) grant funding might provide a final incentive to bring desired projects online in 2022. The MMI is part of the Federa...