10/12/2018 - Event News

See you at AUSPACK again this March!

Auspack 2019 New Logo Dates And Venue700

Tuesday 26th to 29th of March, at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.

At STAND #130 we will have Robotic & Packaging equipment in LIVE demonstration and LOCAL case studies exemplifying why Robotic Automation is the recipient of over 30 Awards in Excellence in multiple categories including; Technology, Safety Systems, Manufacturing, WHS, Materials Handling and Supply Chain. Click the image for more info & free registration.

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28/12/2016 - Event News

RA at FoodPro Darling Harbour

See you at FoodPro in July too!

Starting on a Sunday (if you prefer an easy weekend visit) through to the Wednesday (that's 16th-19th July) in a triumphant return to the brand new International Convention Centre at Sydney's Darling Harbour.

At stand #A30 we will have Robotic & Packaging equipment in LIVE demonstration and LOCAL case studies. Click the image for more info & free registration.

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28/11/2016 - Event News

RA at AUSPACK 2017

See you at AUSPACK in March!

Tuesday 7th to 10th of March, to be exact, at the Sydney Olympic Park halls.

At stand #266 we will have Robotic & Packaging equipment in LIVE demonstration and LOCAL case studies including this year's multi-award-winning packaging system (3 awards for this RA system so far!). Click the image for more info & free registration.

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20/09/2016 - Product News

New MotoFit: Force Control Assembly Package.

MotoFit Force Control Assembly Package

MotoFit enables parts to be inserted with precision, even if they were incorrectly aligned, thus creating entirely new possibilities in the production line. MotoFit alters the robot´s position based on the force encountered to align or assemble parts.

Just as a person can "feel" the contact between parts they are holding until they fit correctly, your Motoman robot can have similarly flexible interactions by measuring forces and torques in three-dimensional space. The package allows you to enable or disable each translation force or axial moment.

This demonstration video better shows the potential for broad applications:

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14/09/2016 - Product News

Motologix PLC robot control software

New MotoLogix: Program robots via PLC!

For a long time programming, operation and control of robots had to be carried out separately. MotoLogix allows Motoman robots to be quickly programmed and controlled in the PLC with standard programming languages according to IEC-61131. In-depth robot expertise is no longer required!

Integration with the PLC retains the full range of advantages of the DX200 robot controller. The control unit calculates the motion kinematics, for example, and guarantees high motion quality. In other words, Yaskawa expertise in terms of precise motion sequences of the manipulators is still guaranteed.

Further details in this demonstration video with palletising application & MotoLogix, currently in use with a Meat Processing client:

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01/09/2016 - Product News

New GP Series Motoman robot range launches with first 2 models!

Motoman GP7 model robot

The Motoman GP7 and GP8 robots, with payloads of 7 and 8 kg respectively, are not only the fastest in their class, they are also executed completely in protective class IP67. They can thus be used without further modification in harsher environments for handling and other automation tasks.

The slender and curvaceous designs allow the manipulator to delve deep into the work-space and the smooth surfaces make for easy wipe-down cleaning. Only one robot cable is needed to connect manipulator and control unit. The advantages of this solution lie in less wear and a smaller footprint, as well as reduced expenses for maintenance and spare parts inventory.

Robots of the GP series are controlled by the new Motoman YRC1000 control unit. New drive technology reduces the time required for the confirmation process with the aid of minimized movement changes at different speeds. This extremely compact control unit enables optimum space utilization and is designed to set new standards in robot acceleration and speed.

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12/08/2016 - Award News

RA scoops-the-pool at the 2016 ZENITH AWARDS

RA wins PACE Zenith awards 2016

Leading companies from around the nation converged upon Melbourne's MCG last night for the annual Zenith awards, hosted and published by PACE magazine (Process And Control Engineering).

After already garnering “Best Technology Application” at the Endeavour awards in May, a second and third trophy was awarded to Robotic Automation P/L for "Best Safety System Innovation" and overall "Best Automation Innovation" for the Multi-Product Robotic Carpentry System . It was great to see such strong competition from other automation companies this year. Check the earlier story with video here or the full case study. We've had to add an awards page to our website to keep track of these things!

At right: RA's National Service Manager, Mark Krnjaic, accepts both awards with MC, Merv Hughes.

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01/08/2016 - Product News

Motoman HC10 (Human Collaborative) robot coming soon!

Motoman HC10 Human Collaborative Robot

The prototype, with a range of 1.2m and handling capacity of 10 kg, is to be certified according to technical specification ISO TS15066.

The HC10 ensures the required safety in working directly with the operator by means of a sophisticated force/torque sensor in every axis, enabling flexible interaction between the robot arm and its environment. The Motoman HC10 requires no additional protective measures, e.g. a protective casing, thus saving space and expense. Installation is extremely flexible and suitable for a wide range of workstations.

Besides the safety aspects, the main focus in the design of the new HC10 was on particularly user-friendly operation. Programming can be performed as “Easy teaching”, with the “Smart HUB” manual function.

Demonstration video:

This and more new models have just debuted at "Automatica 2016" Germany. Watch here:

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25/07/2016 - RA Service News

Developing the RA Service Division

The RA Service team

The RA Group has appointed Mark Krnjaic in the role of National Service Manager. RA's vision is to strive for continuous improvement and provide world's best-practice in the sales and service of our iconic system brands. We value our staff and continue to invest in tools, training and knowledge to empower RA to provide quality results and outcomes for our clients.

Mark's role will be to work closely with the service division and our specially trained technicians to ensure that all of our customer's automation and service expectations are exceeded.

Please contact RA Service and let us show you how we can reduce your maintenance costs and improve your servicing outcomes.

14/07/2016 - Client News

Melbourne's FORM2000 builds success through automation

Great video from one of our clients in sheet-metal working, FORM2000 , and their success through automation. RA have been working with them for 10 years, supporting and providing robotic solutions for machine-tending, sheet handling, fastening, welding and also pallet-wrapping.

They also have an interesting blog on manufacturing at their website.

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01/07/2016 - "Politic Automation" News

PM Turnbull's campaign climaxes with visit to RA Sydney!

Malcolm Turnbull Prime Minister visits RA

"Here is Colin demonstrating with his business that Australians can do anything! ...Colin has created a system, and he does this across many industries and businesses, we are just looking at one here as an example, which will mean an Australian manufacturer of pharmaceuticals will be able to continue doing so in Australia." - Malcolm Turnbull.

Our thanks to Malcolm & Lucy Turnbull, Senator Marise Payne (Minister for Defence), MP Craig Laundy (Local Member for Reid and Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs), and Ned Mannoun (Mayor of Liverpool and Liberal candidate for Werriwa) for spending their last day of campaigning at RA 's Newington facility!

Malcolm & Colin in RA facility Here, RA 's Managing Director, Colin Wells shows Malcolm & team around the facility toward a new robotic high-speed packaging cell that has just been commissioned...

Malcolm & Lucy Turnbull are agog

Here, PM Malcolm & Lucy taking great interest in the efficient ("nimble" and "agile"!) movements of the robots (see next)

Nimble and Agile robotics

Here, PM Malcolm looks on as this Motoman Yaskawa robot erects a carton, tape-seals the bottom, packs the carton with layers of bottled pharmaceuticals, tape-seals the carton lid, labels it on two sides and finally palletises each carton in a stable, stacked pattern - ready for shipping!


Colin Wells also escorts Senator Marise Payne (Minister for Defence), MP Craig Laundy (Local Member for Reid and Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs) around the robotic cell.

Thanks to all our guests today for your support.

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01/06/2016 - Just for fun

Nice text-additions to a maintenance door inside one plant...

Mechanical shaft door

13/05/2016 - Award News


2016 Endeavour Awards

Leading companies from around the nation converged upon Sydney Olympic Park last night for the annual Endeavour awards, hosted and published by Manufacturers’ Monthly magazine.

The Award for “Best Technology Application” went to Robotic Automation P/L and our client, CMTP Packaging, for the Multi-Product Robotic Carpentry System :

This single robot solution handles 15 different parts to create two separate timber products and performs over 10 different automation applications in one. The system was able to relieve the dangerous and repetitive timber-work of up to seven staff in producing Vegetable Crates and Shipping Frames.

Congratulations to both teams at RA & CMTP for the outstanding result!

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05/04/2016 - Project News

Cosmetics - custom made by your Robotic Stylist!

This spectacular project below (play video) is amongst the very first commercial implementations of what's being called "INDUSTRY 4.0", with help from the latest generation robot from YASKAWA MOTOMAN.

Nicknamed Balthazar by the client, this dual-arm MOTOMAN CSDA10F robot has a payload of 10 kg (per arm) and a reach of 895 mm. Designed for clean room/laboratory use, Balthazar receives customer orders directly over the internet before mixing and bottling the customer's preferred botanical ingredients to create their personal shower gel, liquid soap, massage oil, and more. You can even design your own decorative label and the robot will apply it to the bottle before it's shipped out to you.

Industry 4.0 by Christoph Roser at AllAboutLean.com

The fourth industrial revolution (or "Industry 4.0") is defined by strong customisation of products under the conditions of highly flexibilised mass-production with automation technology improved by methods of self-optimisation, self-configuration, Self-diagnosis, cognition and intelligent support of workers in their increasingly complex work.

...while we still don't recommend robots for applying cosmetics, it's nice to know they can safely custom make them to your preference!

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03/03/2016 - Hollywood News

YASKAWA MOTOMAN: Over 30 years battling Terminators!

Yaskawa Motoman, leaders in non-evil robotics, were there in 1984 - distracting the first Terminator and allowing Sarah Connor to escape. Over 30 years on in the latest sequel, "Terminator Genisys", Yaskawa's MPK50 model Motoman robots are there again, helping Arnie (our good Terminator) strike blows against the latest evil Terminator model.

...And even when not battling the evil Terminators, our robots are also good for the economy AND employment - helping local companies keep manufacturing on-shore and compete against countries with cheaper labour. Additionally, this international report found that "three to five million jobs would not exist if automation and robotics had not been developed to enable cost effective production of millions of electronic products".

And lastly, Between 2000-2008, the report found that manufacturing employment increased in nearly every major industrialised country, even as the use of robotics increased sharply. This same pattern is now being seen in China, Brazil, and other emerging countries as they rapidly increase their use of robotics.

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26/02/2016 - Project News

The RATM? Robotic Automation Teller Machine! Westpac Robot - photo by Ben Rushton, Financial Review

RA developed this robotic testing cell for Westpac with our Client, Infosys . Nick-named Tess (Test Enabling Super Simulator), the robot comprehensively tests that all human interfaces such as ATMs, keyboards, note counters etc work properly when a software change is rolled out.

"The robot, only recently deployed, has paid for itself already. It does in three days what previously took Westpac's human testers 30... " - Dave Curran, Westpac Group CIO

You can read the full article at The Australian Financial Review . Congrats to all invloved!

18/02/2016 - Event News

Global Day of the Engineer

Celebrate the Global Day of the Engineer.

We hope you'll join us in recognising next Wednesday (24th Feb) as Global Day of the Engineer.

What would you like to thank an engineer for? Take a photo to share and get involved at the Engineers Australia website. 

Sharing hashtags: #thankanengineer and #globalengineer

08/02/2016 - ALERT!

URGENT- Please call an experienced integrator.

If you know this lady or her whereabouts, please ask her to contact RA . It could save a life, particularly if she is next planning a robotic eyeliner-application.

The advice of an experienced integrator can help you audit your production processes to identify the areas of best (and safest) potential for automation.

...Oh dear, it seems the same person may be behind this application too.

26/01/2016 - Product News

image: Welbee weld quality improvements

New OTC Daihen technology further improves weld-quality.

It's called Controlled Bridge Transfer-Expanded (CBT-EX) technology. A new wave-form feature to the latest "Welbee" series of welding power sources from OTC Daihen .

The technology better stabilises globular metal transfer - reducing heat and spatter (see upper image at right) - during non-pulsed GMAW welds. This gives a neat and regular flat bead weld-appearance as shown in the lower image.

Click the image to read the feature article in the current issue of The Fabricator.

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