Robotic Welding


Robotic Automation is the exclusive distributor of Yaskawa Motoman robotic welders in Australia and New Zealand.

Yaskawa Motoman are considered the industrial leader in robotic welding with an estimated market share of over 30% of all installed welding robots globally.

Robotic welding has been at the core of Robotic Automation’s capability offering since 1988 and we have access to a huge range of robot solutions to weld any product at any scale.

We offer flexible, reliable, and bespoke solutions for the metal fabrication industry, with solutions for spot welding and arc welding; robotic cutting, robotic forming, robotic joining, robotic surface treatment, automated inspection, and robotic materials handling.

We combine the supply of a range of Yaskawa Motoman welding robots with expert systems integration support, so that you can be sure of a solution to meet your requirements and budget.

Whether you are a small job shop or large-scale metal fabricator, realise the full benefits of automated welding, including:

  • precision and repeatability at speed
  • increased productivity
  • streamlined production processes, and
  • enhanced safety.

Standard welding robot cells

Our standard welding robot cells from Yaskawa Motoman provides easy entry into automated robotic welding.

We can supply cobot welding systems, enclosed welding cells, free standing production line welders, welding gangs, and travelling welding robots on tracks and positioners.

The Motoman ArcWorld standard welding cell is a compact, economical and mobile solution designed for small to mid-size objects. The cells offer benefits in terms of ease of setup, installation, assembly, and adjustment – and ongoing operation, all within a small footprint. With plug and-play capability it is ideal for welding small and medium-sized components.

The Motoman Weld4Me hybrid collaborative robot provides an adaptable alternative to manual MIG/MAG welding. Weld4Me is advantageous for small batch runs with high flexibility and provides consistent quality to your production processes. The cell is highly mobile and offers benefits of ease of use with a simple user interface with customised software which is easy to learn.

Weld4Me is:

  • Easy to integrate due to its small footprint and high IP67 protection class
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Easy to relocate and start up again
  • Easy to program with the Weld4Me ‘welding wizard’


Large-Scale Gantry Welding

Robotic Automation leverages R&D from the Motoman Yaskawa global centre for excellence in Sweden to deliver large scale robotic welding solutions. 

Large scale robotic welding has revolutionised the manufacturing industry – providing benefits for rail rolling stock and passenger freight, trucking and transport, mining and further industries. Our large-scale solutions ensure accurate welds on products of any scale, from vehicular bodies to rail carts, excavators, containers, and earth moving equipment.

A gantry welding solution support welding mobility and flexibility, integrating and extending the robot’s working envelope through mounting on a moving overhead track.

Solutions feature coordinated motion control and gantry framework to suit available space, welding coverage, and the type of welding equipment to be controlled.

Gantry systems can be designed as modular systems, as single or twin robot systems, and to accommodate low ceiling height.


Bespoke solutions

Robotic Automation can identify the best robotic welding solution to meet your welding process. We work with customers with diverse application needs, from small job shops to large-scale metal fabricators.

Our expert systems integrators work with customers to analyse production processes and recommend the best robot welders, positioners, software, and sensors for the job. Our advice takes into consideration such factors as inertia study, motor torque and the load bearing characteristics of positioners.

As well as complete welding systems, we supply tracks and positioners, software, and accessories. We can also advise on considerations related to the robotic welding process, including:

  • safety fencing
  • part positioners
  • stack light
  • area scanner
  • cable management device
  • welding cart/table
  • hazard mitigating devices

And of course, Robotic Automation provides 24/7 service and support for all robotic systems.


End User Benefits

  • Reduced capital and operating costs
  • Labour cost reduction
  • Consistent weld quality
  • Increased manufacturing productivity
  • Reduced WH&S Risk
  • Increased manufacturing flexibility